Thursday, February 7, 2013

Trying to help broken mods - Update 1.3.1

We could not stay deaf to so many complaints as people were struggling with mod incompatibilities. So we spent the day today reproducing the most common issues that you guys were reporting to us, and trying to implement workarounds that would mean that the game doesn't crash when it encounters the problem.

The result is a new Euro Truck Simulator 2 update - version 1.3.1. There are no new features in it, not even any fixes of game functionality itself. All that's new are a few extra robustness improvements in the code when the game loads savegames/profiles with problematic mods created for older versions of the game.

Find the patch here:

Note that we have created a very small version of the patch if you are already running 1.3.0, but also incremental patch from the 1.2.5.x  edition and a full patch from any previous version.

If you are not using mods, or haven't bumped into any mod-related crashes, there is no hurry for you to update. But if you had trouble even reading the player profile, or crashing when using retarder, or using physics mod, this is the patch you should look into, it may help.