Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New trucks coming to ETS2

We have several new truck models under construction for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Today we'd like to show you a glimpse of another really cool looking model!

New trucks and lots more content will be gradually released in upcoming free patches of the game (though we also plan paid add-ons eventually). We understand that we are pushing your patience with game updates not appearing as quickly as you would like, but rest assured that we are working really hard on overhauling and improving major features of the game and the game engine to make things better. These are major changes, and they take time to implement, but they are necessary for us to be able to evolve the game features and technology properly. We need to lift internal memory constraints, improve our map construction and asset creation pipeline,we need to make the engine run smoother, and last but not least, we need to see how to make the game even more engaging. We are in this for the long run, ETS2 is still getting a lot of our love, and its continued evolution features highly in our plans for world domination ;-). Please have patience with us!