Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What kind of music do you think fits best for a Trucking Game?

Today we have another poll for you. What kind of music do you think is the best fit for a Trucking Game?

Below the poll we have collected a set of very prominent genre samples. If you think your favorite music is missing, use poll-field 'Other' and let us know about it!

We may be able to use your suggestion when choosing or composing music tracks to go along with our future games.

The poll will be active for 2 weeks from now. So, let the voting begin!

Pop Rock'80 -

Pop Rock '00 -

Hard rock -

Electronic -

Dubstep -

Chillout -

Hiphop -

Reggae -

Drum n Bass -

Metal -

Country -

Jazz -

Blues -

Swing -

Classical -