Thursday, September 19, 2013

Server Meltdown Imminent

Going East! official launch is coming in a few hours, but we already see that our serves are not going to keep up. After releasing the 1.5.2 update already in the morning, the traffic is so high that download times can be frustrating. We hope the more mirror options will come online, but this will take time.

There is a way to make life less frustrating for technically advanced players who are ready to pre-cache the game even now, ahead of the release. Of course if you want to actually get the DLC ;-)

The workaround solution proposed is: official torrent links.

Please note that the links below are not intended for you if you are playing the game on Steam; Steam store should also launch the DLC early on September 20th.

First of all, the updates if you feel you need to patch the game Right Now...

Cumulative patch, will work on any previous retail or digital release:

Patch from the previous 1.4.x version:

And here is the interesting stuff. Please note that you should NOT download and install it unless you intend to purchase Going East! There is no demo mode for the DLC content.

New "Gold" edition of the game, which contains both base game and the DLC:

Standalone "Going East!" DLC including cumulative patch:

Standalone "Going East"! DLC to use if you already have the game patched to 1.5.2:

The benefit for you? If you get the game files ahead of release, you can play it a few seconds after finally obtaining the Product Key. The benefit for us? Servers do not get red hot the minute we push the launch button. ;-)

Thank you and have fun!