Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Video Night!

With the release of Going East! add-on for ETS2 just a couple of days away from us, we hope that you are ready for a bunch of movies. We have a pair of promo trailers for you, the first created by ourselves, the other kindly provided by our UK publishing partner Excalibur Publishing.

Promo videos are of course the necessary evil of PR these days, but if you have been following our progress here on the blog, they will not provide you with too much new information. If you have the patience and time, and if you are really curious to see more from the Going East! game world, you can watch DaSquirrelNuts driving through it while listening to an extensive interview with SCS Software's Pavel Sebor. The topics covered include SCS Software's history, the Going East! add-on, and current and future SCS Software's projects. Warning - this is two full hours of footage!