Friday, August 8, 2014

High Power Cargo Pack DLC


In our previous post we have revealed three out of four upcoming features of 1.12 Euro Truck Simulator update. The feature we haven't covered yet is related to The New Type of DLC we would like to introduce today.

Simultaneously with the 1.12 update, we will release High Power Cargo Pack DLC, which will expand the cargo range in the game by 7 custom cargoes. Here they are:








In addition to the new cargoes, DLC will include an extra bonus - special Heavy Duty customizable paint job, some variations of which you see here on the screenshots. We felt that such a paint job fits rather nicely to transportation of such types of cargo.

Lastly, the fourth 1.12 Update feature will allow you to filter and search your next cargo more easily. We have implemented cargo filtering by the following groups: Machinery, ADR, Containers, Refrigerated, Liquid, Fragile, Construction, and Bulk Cargo.

So now you shouldn't have a problem to find your desired type of load, including new cargoes from High Power Cargo Pack, among the hundreds job offers the game usually has available at any moment.

High Power Cargo Pack DLC is based on new code hooks implemented in the 1.12 Update, so if you want to use it, make sure to allow the Steam client to update the game to the latest version. This DLC is yet one more that will only be available for the Steam edition of the game - as we tried to explain previously, we don't have the infrastructure in place to allow for purchasing and maintaining of micro-DLCs.