Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lights, horns, beacons, bars, shields, mirrors...

One of the features that we are concentrating on for Euro Truck Simulator 2 is customization of trucks. Here is an example:

Euro Truck Simulator 2 vehicle customization
We are trying to design the system to be very flexible. In addition to the tuning parts that the game will come with and that will be available "out of the box," it should be possible to cleanly add more parts via mods, without making a mess of it. The game should recognize additional parts and offer them for purchase in addition to the original ones.


  1. realistic interiors is nothing. if you calling this game "simulator" so them for once make a realistic truck handling!

    This was one of the reasons why i dint like other your truck games...(i buy them but still..) Of course i made some mods for that but its not as good as real.

    PS. why trucks weight same as AI cars...??!

  2. Renault Premium?
    Real physics and map
    Realistic semi-trailer model please

    Extrem trucker2 any update yet please

    Sorry My English is not good

  3. very nice.but please could you give to the public some more photos about euro truck simulator 2??? we all know that it is under devellopement but you can imagine that we can't stand waiting to see and learn some more info about this fantastic upcoming trucking game...!!!! thanks

  4. The customization of trucks were already posible in WoS Pedal to the Metal. It's not new, but is good.

    But, what about multiplayer? You 'only' need a server, like World of Warcraft. I'll sure pay about 5 € every month...

    And I say the same than others: REAL physic simulation, REAL maps and distance, REAL semi-trailer model, REAL crash... please, please!!

  5. English/Engels
    Information about ETS2 in the Dutch language on

    Nederlandstalige informatie over ETS2 op

  6. So we can customize our trucks. that is good as i always like a great looking truck.

    - i want
    .to be able to buy each type

    .to be able to change the colour
    .to be able to change the height and length
    .to be able to choose how many axles i have
    .to be able to add lights along the tops and sides
    .to be able to add custom paint jobs to match the trucks

  7. it looks great i cant wait for euro truck simulator 2 i always wanted to add roof bars and other cool stuff to the trucks.

  8. i have only found out today about euro truck simulator 2 and i never knew that this would happen but when i was on mansinmari i heard they were thinking about it so all we have to do now is wait..................................

  9. oi meu nome e LEONARDO eu gostaria que o euro truck 2 colocase embremagem é nas troca de marcha fosse por numeros o jogos ficaria 10 tambem com roco de pente na turbina e map grande bitrem é o mais importante no jogo se o jogos estever com esse trabalho estara 10 obrigado.............

  10. É o jude está certo, e também caminhões truckados, voçes so fazem caminhão toco.

  11. Why don't you increase the difficulty of the game ,
    e.g.the truck tire must be changed every week or it's will be explode , it would be more excited and challenged.

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  13. est ce qu'il sortira en français ?

  14. I think we should see the driver's hands on the wheel for example, the gearbox and the handle. I also think we should have DAF trucks and dump trucks like this (, a29_1.jpg). Sorry for my English.

  15. bull bars lights stack all that will be so cool and if you can maybe buy trailers and get paid x2 for useing your own trialer maybe have reloads so you pick up a trailer then go empty wait and they reload you take it back it also have other trucks on bays bays and make it like uk ts were you have your own copany make it so all your trucks have a company logo please


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