Friday, February 18, 2011

More transportation industry contacts

As a part of our effort to establish and strengthen connections with the transportation industry, we have paid a visit this week to Danish Transport and Logistics Association in Denmark and also to Scania in Sweden. If we are to ever produce truck simulation games truly worthy of using the term simulation, we had better start learning from the guys who are in this for real!

The trip was very inspiring; it may be one of many small steps still ahead of us, but we are firmly on the road now. We are committed to continually improving our understanding of what it takes to drive a truck, and to manage a transportation company with a fleet of trucks. The more we learn, the more we see that we need to learn far more!

We are really grateful for your feedback on this blog with your tips for improvements. Hearing your positive comments is certainly heart-warming, but your intelligent analysis is extremely useful and often humbling. Big thanks to Katixa and his tips on mirrors, and also thanks to many others who recently spent their time pointing out problems and suggesting fixes. Obviously many of you know considerably more about trucking than we do! So please have patience with us, hopefully Euro Truck Simulator 2 is still only a beginning of a strong line of vehicle simulation projects developed by SCS Software in the future.

Below you can find a few pictures taken in Sweden, perhaps you will appreciate the rare opportunity to look behind the scenes, too. The following images are from Scania truck assembly plant in Södertälje, taken first few in their nice museum area and finally from the actual assembly line. It is incredible to witness a truck built from so many thousands parts to come to life in only a few hours! A larger gallery of photos will be posted soon on our facebook page, too.


  1. DamiDeluxe like it!!!

  2. I'd say that one more thing misiing from previous gamesis wheel noice, you shoud hear when you drive either asphalt or gravel road. This game is looking very great, so i send to development team greetings from very cold weather, it is almos -30 degrees under zero here in finland :)

  3. I'm glag you guys managed to travel to these companies, I think it is more than an experience for you - its also ours!
    We see that you're putting much hard work on this project, and we have to say THNAKS!
    Congratulations SCS! Keep the awesomoe work!

  4. Scs proszę o kontakt

  5. Good to know of your interest in knowing the transport system, so that games will increasingly real. Congratulations for the work done by you.

    I wonder about the progress of negotiations for use of the marks original game. For now, I think all players want to use these models being made for you. Such trucks are very nice.
    If there are problems with the use of any brand, you could not launch an unofficial patch, as mod for use by players. It is there the suggestion. For the anxiety that we have to play the ETS2, you'll have people who will pull their hair if the trucks do not come out with the game.

    Thanks again for the information presented here, I'm looking forward to new updates of your blog.

    Greetings from Brazil
    Rafael Brusque Toporowicz
    São Mateus do Sul - Paraná - Brasil

    1. And if ya make it for xbox 360 please

  6. Sounds like a cool trip :O)
    It would be nice if you also use the shifting sounds and please do not forget the double function to activate, hehe :O)

    Greets from Germany,


  7. Hello I would like to make a suggestion for the game, my suggestion about the gps and I think if you put the gps with voice (turn right ...) would be better for those who play it.
    Thanks and regards from Portugal.
    PS: You're doing a great job.

  8. I think, you could get some "inspiration" for a good simulation, when looking on screens and videos of OMSI - The omnibussimulator:

    And for the ETS2-map editor look at that tutorial for the OMSI-map editor (it's in German, but you can understand a lot parts from the pictures):

    Something like that would be really an amazing map editor and we could build wonderful maps :)

  9. essas montadoras todas deveriam apoiar + a SCS...seus simuladores são os melhores do genero... e junto com este trabalho divulgam muito essas marcas devido aos modelos usados no jogo...

    marinheiropoupay (brasil)

  10. I hope the tolls in ETS2, for example, when you are in Portugal an you cross to Spain,

  11. I hope the tolls in ETS2, for example, when you are in Portugal and you cross to Spain, in this case and in the others countries, you should put tolls in the borders.

    Thanks, Good Work SCS SOFTWARE.

  12. I hope that AI will drive to petrol station :) And trucks into companies for trailers ;)
    Great work SCS! ;)


  14. When will the new news?
    you can not give more news on the euro truck 2?

  15. Good work, but I hope that SCS's future vehicle simulation projects will be based at better engine than prism3d.

  16. I HOPE THE DOUBLE TRAILERS IN ETS2 and the people walcking in the streets, it's increible that in a simulation's game like ETS2 there isn't people walking in the streets.

  17. I hope that the trucker can eat something in the service station.

  18. Scs Software, why the truck is slippery in ETS, GTS and UKTS?

    For a good simulation, you should to treat that the truck isn't slippery.

  19. @SCS: Thanks for these comments. I had the small worry about being too boring with my posts and suggestions, so it means a lot. And thank you for the interest and dedication you show for this game. Looks like it's going to be really good.

  20. i hope you also can drive in Denmark, it will be very nice. I hope you would bring Denmark to the map :)

  21. Great! I think we must see the driver hands in the steering wheel,gearbox, and another thinks (turn the light on/off , turn engine on/off...)
    It was nice if the game got it.

    sry about my english ;)

  22. I hope Sweden is in the map.

  23. Serez t-il possible d'avoir des gyrophare est que l'on puisse les allumé ou les éteindre quand on en à besoin

  24. Will it be possible to have flashing lights is that they can be turned on or off when you need it please thank you. How long after its release it hits stores in France?


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