Wednesday, April 29, 2015

World of Trucks Newsletter #1 is Coming!

As the release of Scandinavia DLC is getting close, we feel that it would make a perfect opportunity to utilize one more, yet unused, media channel of ours  - the World of Trucks newsletter. You see, it's time to really boost our PR effort now!

During your registration to World of Trucks, many of you opted to receive the newsletter. Actually we explicitly didn't pre-select the newsletter check-box for the registration, you had to click it yourself. Unlike many companies who try by any means to push any info and especially promo through, we felt it's only fair to give you the opportunity but make it a user preference.

More then half of World of Trucks users opted to receive the newsletter, but until now we have never utilized this communications channel.

Sending a newsletter is a rather tricky procedure, it's not like firing a few e-mails per day, it requires infrastructure to send hundreds of thousands newsletters at once. Thankfully places like Amazon and many others are offering a service for sending such massive amounts of mails for a reasonable price, with extra features on top of it. Still, such services have specific criteria on how many emails can "bounce" as undeliverable or reported as "spam" - and if the bounce rate is too high, we might receive a ban right at the newsletter's introduction, which would be a shame.

With that in mind we aim to distribute the newsletter only among active users to World of Trucks platform who are truly interested in receiving it.

In our first newsletter we aim to include an extensive preview and summary of all features that Scandinavia DLC will bring to the a game, as well as a gist on other projects we work on and activities happening around the SCS Software office.

Since this is the first ever newsletter from SCS Software, we certainly want to avoid spamming the players who have since their registration lost the interest in the game. We plan to send out the message only to active members who have logged in in the past couple of months. So please make sure to complete the steps below if you are interested in receiving our first newsletter prior to the release.

What do you need to do in order to receive our newsletter?

  • Make sure your email contact info is up to date to make sure our emails don't go into the void
  • Tick "Receive updates about latest news and special events" in account options page (in case you haven't subscribed already).


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  2. nice work ... !!! try my map :.. lol

  3. i cant log into world of trucks. it give me 502 bad gateway error

  4. To SCS:

    It is amazing what you are doing in ETS2, please keep the great work.

    What i would like to know, and hope you can say something in your news letter is about some topics you have already talk about and we never heard anything more about that:

    - Euro Coach , will be added to ETS2 or not? and when?
    - Once you said something about negotiations with some trailers manufacturer.
    - How is that rigid trucks and semi trailers?
    - Will you release something like a demo for ATS?

    Please "complete" Europe map adding Spain and Portugal.

    Once again, i think you should look to Scania Truck Driver and add those "red dots" jobs to ETS2. I think it is very urgent add some dificulty to some points to load and unload the trailers.

    Congratulations to all SCS team and hope you can release DLC at STEAM before 7th May.

    Cheers to all from Portugal

    1. Hello, would just like to add something to the questions. Since you have said ATS and ETS2 will be getting similar features, will we see the parking spots with different difficulty in ETS2?

      Thanks again!

    2. The developers said that the y will both get the same features.It's the same engine for both games. Add Spain and Portugal.

      Cheers from Spain =)

  5. Thumbs up SCS :)
    Matt in Manchester

  6. This sounds great! Would like to see some detailed stuff about what is happening over there!

  7. Really wish more companies and people thought like this.
    Thank you, SCS Software!

  8. If you ask me, I would NOT check if the user logged in to the website for the last 2 months. I think that playing the game with a connected profile should do.

    Maybe people doesn't even log into the site. For instance I had some time where I would log almost every day to see pictures, but I can spend weeks or months without going in. And if you say the newsletter checkbox was disabled by default... well, then the users made their choice.

    If they don't want the spam they can always unsubscribe. Better that not even knowing the newsletter was comming.

    Just my opinion.

  9. OMG sending a newsletter costs money! And selling games on non-Steam channels costs money too (as if Steam doesn't take it's share) but for that we don't want to spend money!

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  11. very good job with this beta but still there are many bugs in it, hope until release all the glitches to be fixed. the worst problem is the tone of the sky in the reported from many others before:

    " ran a night run from Hungary to Slovenia and the only thing i will say it was very light until 2am and then not really dark and very light around 3:30 am "

    " It's 12am and looks more like dusk. The new sky box looks amazing if intentionally been taking runs around the twilight hours just to watch the light change from day>night and vice versa. I do wish it would get a little darker at night "

    And for the future please consider adding the following:
    -LOAD/UNLOAD the truck - a 4-5 seconds video (a SNEAK-PEEK of whole job)
    -REALISTIC prices and EARNINGS (the PROFIT per job IS TOO HIGH on high levels - reduce the bonus percent and the base earning too).
    -maybe Realistic connection for trailer with players interaction
    -but most of all, MULTI-POINT DELIVERIES and tandem trucks!

    Once again, Thanks for the great job !

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  13. SCS care so much for this game ETS 2 that he forgot the we the people wants the release of AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR we are tired of waiting for so long i guess he doesn't care for want the rest of the world wants we want a new truck game you don't want to make more money or is you want is to make ETS 2 perfect which is getting better but stop acting stupid scs and release AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR all ready WE DON'T CARE FOR THE REAL TRUCKS NAMES NAME THE TRUCKS LIKE THE KENWORTH ---> KING HAULER THE PETERBILT ---> PURE POWER THE FREIGHTLINER ----> FREIGHT TRAIN you did it before with 18 wheels of steel hauling 18 wheels of steel long haul extreme trukers we don't care for the real names of the trucks release the game and don't give us lies and wen you get the license and then update the game and everybody will be happily ever after ok ;)

    1. California AnonymousApril 30, 2015 at 1:52 AM the game is no BUENO because all thy changed is the map, the trucks and the rest is ETS 2. Meaning this game is not ets 2 copy but with american trucks and trailers . that's the same engine from ETS 2 this engine was made with cab over trucks and cab over Physics we are going to Be filling like we driving A cab over truck on american trucks and plus they want to wait 4 to 5 years to get the trucks license r.i.p ats

    2. What a load of BS "anonymous man", you complain that its gonna be an ETS2 copy but with American trucks, trailers, and map (you literally contradicted yourself with that statement), what do you expect with a TRUCK DRIVING SIMULATOR? You drive from point A to point B, HOW DO YOU MAKE IT ANY DIFFERENT? And regarding the physics: THEY ARE NOT gonna feel like you're driving a cabover! Do you seriously believe they would have cabover physics for the American trucks?!

    3. G-man, I have seen the gameplay, the ONLY thing that looks the same in it is the UI, which by the way, doesn't need to be remade anyway since it works perfectly fine already (plus all the images have been freshened up anyway). You guys are literally saying "It's ETS2 but it isn't". You say its ETS2 but with American trucks, trailers, and map: you know what that makes it? AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR. By the way, those aren't the only things changed: the prefabs, the ai traffic is made up of typical cars seen on American roads, the interchanges and intersections are changed, the cities are going to be more complex, and the loading bays will have THREE different spots for you to unload your trailer: each having a different difficulty. (So please, keep saying that it's gonna be the same game. /sarcasm)

    4. Anthony are you Dumb they are using the engine which they use to make ets 2 and yes i watch the game play to that's why i can tell is that same Physics get that Through your brain

    5. Anthony are you Dumb they are using the engine which they use to make ets 2 and yes i watch the game play to that's why i can tell is that same Physics get that Through your brain

    6. Did you also know that they completely rebuilt the engine from scratch when they initially released ETS2?! Why would they waste all the man-hours put into it for just ONE game? AND HERE YOU GO AGAIN WITH THE PHYSICS BS. Why don't you go and rewatch the gameplay and pay CAREFUL attention to how the truck reacts to acceleration, braking, and turning. For the last fucking time, the trucks WILL NOT handle like european cabovers. Why don't YOU get this through YOUR brain. And if you knew anything at all about how the physics work in the game, you would realize that all the parameters that control the behavior of the truck are in a little file called: physics.sii (Wow, I wonder what that file does. /sarcasm).

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  15. Hi. I have 2 ideas for new features in the game. The 1st one is an interesting stats page, which contains a lot of different stats from your career and stats from each individual truck you own. Like for example a fuel logbook, which contains information about each fillup and your fuel consumption for the last tank. And then another page which contains information about all the deliveries you have done, so that you can go back and see what you have delivered in the past. Much like the page you get after the current delivery, only it shows all the deliveries.

    The other idea is a small one. Change the prices of the speed fines. Let them increase in price the higher your speed is for example if you go 10kmph over the speed limit you will pay this price and if you go 20kmph over the speed limit this price and so on.


  16. I'd rather blog than a newsletter. Especially that information appears on the Facebook page if you will like to ETS2, so I'm up to date. All the time I wonder what will happen after the release of the DLC Scandinavia. What will you do then. I doubt that the next will ATS - because of the licenses. If you're going to spend a coach simulator, for me personally it will not be what I wanted to see and not buy it, but maybe other players want it? The next DLC with new map of Europe will take again one and half a year or more. All the time I think about rigid trucks. Post in which you described how it might look like is a great If it is a paid DLC I would have bought it. Just that would do one truck model. It would have completely changed the type of the game. It is a great challenge. There is no need to make a new game, there is no need to elaborate. Enter rigid trucks for ETS2 and the game will be long on top. Even when it will be paid DLC. This could be a future and a new beginning of ETS2.

  17. Where the hell is my Mercede-Benz ???

  18. 18 euros is around 25 Aussie dollars soooo basically a quarter of the cost of a new triple-A game in this country. Sounds about right to me.

  19. It's nice that you don't spamming our mailboxes but I think you have something that you want to say. =)

  20. Let me get this right so scs wants people to buy there box version with only a peace of paper inside? they can go to hell along with anyone who supports this crap.


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