Wednesday, March 16, 2016

American Truck Simulator 1.2 Open Beta

The open beta of the ETS2 update has been live for two days. We want to thank all of you who’ve already participated and given us feedback! It means it’s high time for the ATS beta! Update 1.2 for American Truck Simulator is entering Open Beta on Steam today.

We’re working simultaneously on both ATS and ETS2. The same game engine allows us to make changes to both games in parallel, so some improvements to the game may be familiar to you from the previous blog post about the ETS2 open beta. Among the features and fixes common to both games, you can find a lot of improvements solely for ATS, which we've been working on since the release of the game last month.

The main features included in the open beta are (as in ETS2) Steam Workshop, SCS Workshop Uploader app and Ultimate Wheel Customization. We described them with depth in the previous blogpost.

More Features and Improvements
Here's is log of the additional fixes and improvements that went into this update:

  • Steam Workshop
  • Ultimate Wheel Custiomization
  • Navigation path (red line) can be disabled (option)
  • Disable of hidden Route Advisor popups (option)
  • Autopark feature can be disabled (option)
  • Speeding highlight on Route Advisor
  • Fixed cruise control locked on by retarder
  • Multiple position of engine brake
  • Improved truck stability during retarder usage
  • Keyboard steering improved
  • Speed limits polished
  • Speed limits signs enlarged
  • Stop signs removed from traffic light controlled crossroads 
  • Turn left traffic light added to some crossroads
  • Certified scales are now working
  • Traffic light on interstates removed (where possible)
  • AI improvements
  • Steam achievements for Nevada
You can find the beta in the public_beta branch on Steam. (Steam client -> LIBRARY -> right click on American Truck Simulator -> Properties -> Betas tab -> public_beta - 1.2 public beta). No password is required.

Report any bugs, as usually, on our forum.


  1. Hi SCS,

    Thanks for the update including some much needed improvements. Great game just got better.

    Steve in Colorado

    1. Notice all the positive comments to SCS come from usernames "unknown"

      I imagine they're all originated in Prague..

    2. Wrong! As per my handle, I'm in the USA (Colorado)
      I'm just too lazy to create a logon username ;-)
      But I do notice that a lot of people are here purely to bash the game. My question: If you do not enjoy playing the game, then why bother? Thanks


    3. I could post a comment saying I was Bob from Australia, doesn't mean I couldn't be an SCS employee in Prague.

      The game doesn't need much bashing, it's self evident how crap it is...

  2. Thanks. Good update.
    But I have one note.
    As the time passes, you look so amateur ???

  3. hopefully this beta works as the ETS2 1.23 beta doesnt

    1. Ets 1.23 beta works fine. If your game crashes it's not the beta.

    2. If the beta crashes then go down to 1.22 and remove all custom rims and tires on your trucks EVEN those that are driven by the AI drivers. After you have done that remove the mod and go up to the beta again

  4. Last post was amazing' but please scs.. Hungarian paintjob :)

  5. NICE! Another step closer to the Release!

  6. Спасибо вам SCS Software!!!!

  7. yay, custom wheel nuts. Just the game enhancing content that's going to keep players interested until more states become available in a few years (which at the going rate it's going to be...).

  8. ThX SCS! You are the best forever!

  9. The stop signs at the red light always bugged me. Rules here in NA are at a red light you must come to complete stop even when turning right, the stop signs were just not needed.

  10. The stop signs at the red light always bugged me. Rules here in NA are at a red light you must come to complete stop even when turning right, the stop signs were just not needed.

    1. Here in Europe when both signs and traffic lights exist, traffic lights overule.
      When these traffic lights are off (for some reason), vertical signs rule. Meaning if you come to a crossing, who has the stop sign, stops.

  11. Всего одна ступица, и нет хромированных дисков, халтурно SCS, халтурно!

  12. Left turn traffic signal = much needed....thanks!!

    1. This is also needed for ETS 2. Every crossroad with 4 + 4 lines should have it!

    2. Better to say, i hope SCS is finally going to add different traffic light for turning left and different for going straight.

  13. Looks good SCS, nice touch with the Dodge Ram in the traffic too!

  14. It's clear that SCS is listening to what the players have to say. All these fixed improvements are what players suggested. Thank you SCS for taking the time to listen! Y'all are the best!

    1. No they aren't...the biggest problem with ATS, and the main reason it's a boring game, is the map size and time scaling.

      Unless they can change that, the game will never be any good.

    2. Yes, they are listening in one ear and out the other. Listening is not all. There should be changes made but we can write and write and write... What else left us?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Listen or point of interest? Like Steam Workshop Right? Promote mods for game because this game cant be live without that.
      If they do listen what players says... Just meh
      All those changes has been suggested before 3 years (for ETS)

  15. Guys, is it compatible with modded trucks? Specially the wheels? I am affraid game will crash with modded wheels, does anyone tried already?

  16. I cant get the game even to load when i put it beta

  17. And you think that's going to make a crap game any better?

    Think again.!

    1. Yes, I hate ATS..nearly 3 years waiting, then get a miniature copy of ETS2...hate it like no other game I've ever played.

    2. Well F**k off! It really is that simple..

  18. Now will come the idiots, haters in the SCS SOFTWARE blog.

    Great job scs software!

  19. Nice job SCS!
    You were listening and you corrected things that weren't right. And you even added a few little things and some really striking stuff. That's pretty much everything a new update should do.

    Thank you SCS! I just love ATS and it's great to see its development

    My wishlist's a little shorter now.
    Up next Pete 389 and the VNL ;)

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Dear SCS, please add/keep red hubs. The black rims don't look as good with the standard black hubs available in the beta as they do with the red hubs currently available in the current release version of the game. Also, please keep the Aero hub cover for the front wheels.

    P.S: I wish for airhorns at some point.

  22. You got Mercedes license in 2013, but you gave us the Mercedes at 2015.
    This tell me everything how this game is gonna be developed in future

    1. 2 years making a single truck is...............

    2. Hye Xenforo you are right, but what can we do? Nothing, because our arguments not convinced SCS at all. They have their own policy, which does not contain major changes in the games. It will be only cosmetics updates and map DLCs, not more. Rigid trucks was announced 1,5 year ago. It is really so hard to implement? Is there any moder who can write about complexity of the project? I don't want to believe that it must be implemented so long. Unless, it is not at all in the game? Rigids are alive?

  23. You need to fix the arcade truck physic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I complete agree with member above me YOU ARE FUCKING AMATEURS

  24. SCS, Could you please BAN Akula forever??? WE do not want to read his stupid comments!!!

  25. Hey, nice catch with the left turn green lights! :) Now this is one of those things that really make ATS closer to reality! Now, if you don't mind suggesting this again, i would really appreciate, in the same spirit of reality, change the brakes sound from existing one imported from ETS2 to real american truck brake sounds (remember you did use them in American long haul and the original ETS)

  26. Hey you should add more realistic physics like when driving over a speed bumb the trailer should bounce a bit to give that sense of weight. I don't know just a suggestion. Thanks

  27. ATS - the ETS2 shrinked and miniaturized .
    ATS - or how to make 2 states (20 cities) and 2 trucks in 3 years !!!!!
    ATS - the same lacking-feature game with different skin (just 5% better graphiscs - NOT ENOUGH !!!)
    ATS - more marketing amd big words ...than game

    YOU ARE TOO SLOW !!!!! WAKE UP !!!

    What about Tandems, Mercedes and DAF in AI, promised Tires DLC (Michelin)?
    What about the poor quality model of old trucks, especially MAN and DAF ???? (low poly in essential parts, missing things, texture instead model)
    The ROUTE Advisor with GPS frame should dissapear.....and a second variation should the right bottom(left bootom uk) of the screen, just the 2 bars with icons & INFOS, without map.
    Foglights ?
    Cabin illumination?
    Are you at least working @ DX11 implementation for ATS ?
    Will we see this year Arizona, Peterbild 389, France and Renault ?

    1. ETS2

      team working on police cars for 10 countries
      paintjobs with Magyar, Turkish and Holand theme in works
      Most copies sold in Germany, second US, third France. Followed by UK, Scandinavia, Canada, Netherlands, Turkey, Brazil. Czech republic around 20th place
      work on custom trailers - licence for brand Schwarzmüller already acquired


      still not decided whether to go realistic or not regarding cabin accesories
      no paid skins planned at the moment
      4 trucks fully built. Next to 3 already released, 4th one is Peterbilt 389 which is coming soon as next truck
      plan to have at least one or two trucks from each brand - these will be for free; specials such as 10 wheelers or tow trucks will be paid dlc
      plan is to cover whole USA, also Canada and Mexico
      work on route from west coast to east coast (Texas)
      as soon as possible, start work on direction to Seattle (because of Kenworth factory)
      probably (still not decided) each country sold as separate DLC, bundles of more states (east coast, west coast) very probable
      around 300 cities when map is finished
      snow when we will get to north close to Canada
      dynamic weather is on wishlist at the moment, not easy to implement
      possibly special events in meantime with designated locations having snow
      multiplayer is plan for the future; one of polish (now) ex-modders joined SCS to work on this game


      console versions of the game planned but not coming out this year for sure
      mobile version unlikely; mostly because of physics
      planning to include smaller vehicles, trying to acquire licences ets.

      ECS (euro coach simulator)

      still in works
      comes as paid dlc to ETS2
      3 coaches already finished (including interior and sounds), still waiting for licences to be solved

      u are very ignorant...

    2. TimeNSpeed and you are working in SCS? Because what is in plans it means is not made. Rigids trucks 1,5 year are not developed yet. Please don't write about plans, write about facts!

    3. Where is newsletter? I have only receved one. What are the plans of SCS till 2016? I don't want to know it from TimeNSpeed or EvgenKo423, I want to know itfrom SCS.

    4. wow Where do you got this evidence??
      And what u mean police car in ETS? Currently there not exist a police cars.
      Whole USA in next ten years ofc..

  28. When new Trucks are comming? Peterbilt 389? Volvo?

  29. Hows the weighbridge update work?? Is it just a reading of the weight or can you get fined for carrying more??


  30. Guys Update 32bit-beta version pls

  31. What are you up to SCS? Another login? Soon introduce total censorship ...


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