Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hungarian and Turkish Paintjob DLCs for ETS2

Some two years ago we did an experiment by releasing a bunch of country-specific paintjobs to spice up a special edition of Euro Truck Simulator 2 aimed primarily at the UK market. We did not fully realize what we were headed into - with the commitment to provide any official paintjob for all the standard cabin configurations of all the trucks included in the game, we are talking over 50 individual graphics files per DLC. These need to be created and adjusted for the various cabin shapes, and then maintained indefinitely through any cabin 3D model tweaks, file format, or shader tech change.

It did not look unbearable early on through the first few paintjobs packs, but now with thousands of files to keep an eye on across the many paintjob sets, it is kind of scary. Creating a paintjob DLC may take "only" a few man-weeks, but if we need to touch a cabin 3D model, it can cause a month of retouching of existing graphics.

We have been talking about winding down our paintjob work for a long time already, precisely to avoid painting ourselves into the corner with so much work to do anytime we change some truck-related stuff in the game or a related 3D engine feature. We are never quite finished with our tech and games, they are ever-evolving. But the requests are coming in loud and clear from fans from countries that we have not yet covered, and we feel that it would not be right to betray them and ignore them. It's a lot of work, but it doesn't fundamentally interfere with any other area of development.

The micro-department here working on paintjobs is creating great pieces of art, and more people are happy to see unique graphics themed after their country's flag and symbols with the new DLC packs. That's what matters to us. We are not pumping out DLCs just for the sake of it, and hopefully most people take paintjobs just for what they are - a totally optional piece of cosmetic content which you have no obligation to buy, but which can brighten up the game for some fans.

Today we are happy to take two more steps in our quest - to provide the paintjobs packs for the territories where Euro Truck Simulator 2 has a lot of very devoted fans - by releasing Hungarian Paint Jobs Pack and Turkish Paint Jobs Pack.

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