Monday, June 13, 2016

Cool roundabouts in France

While, of course, the eyes of European football fans everywhere are fixated on France these days we have our own reasons to focus on the country and its geography. We would like to show you a few more screen shots from the upcoming Vive La France DLC that's under construction.

The map team is paying a tremendous amount of attention to detail to the road network, and it shows.  In this particular case we can demonstrate several new roundabouts.  As you can see below they don't have to have the island filled with just boring grass or shrubs.  Our artists picked a few of the unique and scenic ones from the real world and brought them to life in our game.

Speaking of sports fans and France, over 22 thousand people already earned a key to the National Window Flags DLC in recent days.  Have you gotten yours to celebrate your team's success?  The flags may come in handy not just to Europeans currently obsessing about Euro Cup 2016, as we have realized that Copa América is taking place at the same time!  More details here.

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