Wednesday, October 26, 2016

World of Trucks - New Achievements To Hunt

We would like to do more to recognize the dedication of hardcore players who spend a lot of their time with our games. Behind the scenes, our World of Trucks back-end has already been able to gather quite some statistics and information about the job deliveries taking place on the system, and this gives us a great base and toolset to use for something new.

We are happy and proud that the number of drivers connected to our WoTr project is steadily growing. We know that truckers like to show off their accomplishments, their statistics, the distance driven and the volume and weight of jobs they have delivered with their mighty, devoted, diesel beasts. And how better to show what kind of a trucker you are than by hunting achievements?

So today we're adding some brand new achievements for all of you who've taken the time to connect their in-game profiles with our World of Trucks site:

Complete 100 World of Trucks contracts

Complete 10 World of Trucks contracts in American Truck Simulator and 10 contracts in Euro Truck Simulator 2

Transport 1,000 tons (984 lg tn) in a single week. Counts any 7 consecutive days, minimum required job distance is 250 km (155 miles)

Transport 1 million kilograms (2,204,623 pounds)

Complete 5 jobs in a row with average delivery distance not smaller than 1,000 km (621 miles)

Complete 3 contracts in a row with a minimum of 300 km (186 miles) per contract. Your time on duty shouldn't exceed 25 minutes per contract. Each delivery must be perfect (no cargo damage, in time)

Deliver 100 t of cargo in 1 hour. Minimum required job distance is 100 km (62 miles)

There are also two hidden achievements to pursue, but we'd like you to discover them on your own. You can check the whole list of all available achievements on your profile at

Also a little reminder: our achievements work retrospectively, so don't worry, if you've already passed some of the required criteria, they won't be forgotten and will be counted. Moreover, some of these can be achieved multiple times so you can really show even more skill and passion for trucking by getting them over and over!

There is only one question remaining...

Are you ready to fasten your seat belt, ignite the engine and accept the challenge?

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