Friday, January 20, 2017

Vampires and Kangaroos

Did you know that January 24 is the Unification Day of Romania? While we weren't aiming for this date deliberately, the timing is fortunate, and we're glad to announce availability of the Romanian Paint Jobs Pack just ahead of this important day for our sizable fan community there.

And we're going to expand our range of national paints even more. Did you know that the upcoming date of January 26 is also the Australian Day? While the lands of Australia are quite far from the region covered in Euro Truck Simulator 2, the country actually sits well within the top 20 countries with the most copies sold of the game. Looks like there are a lot of truck fans down under! Here in Europe it’s winter and very cold, we can only envy Australians with all the sun that they’re basking in right now. Our take on sunlit Australian Paint Jobs may be considered an expression of our excitement and anticipation for the coming summer.

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