Monday, May 29, 2017

Suit Up in the Colors of SCS Software!

Today is a special day for our company. When we're on the road - at public events, truck shows, or any gaming industry expos - we are often asked if there is any way to buy some of the game-themed clothes we're wearing. We have been hesitating for years, but as we've been getting these requests more frequently, we've started to think about SCS Software merchandise a little bit more. Finally, we decided to give it a try and offer our fellow truck sim fans a chance to get clothes or other handy stuff with the Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator motifs.

We are happy to open our new SCS Software merchandise E-Shop!

The selection of goods is currently pretty basic (we welcome your tips for more types of merchandise to offer), but everything is in stock and ready to be shipped. Our clothing comes in different colors and sizes, and it's of really good quality.

Clothes are not the only stuff that you can browse. You can go on a trip with a new backpack, pack your lunch along, or sip your coffee from a nicely decorated mug.

Only time will tell how popular our merchandise will be. Most players care only about the games of course, but we are very excited to offer our fans this extra option to show your enthusiasm for our games!