Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Community: Driver Seats #5, An Event in Progress!

We still keep receiving very cool photos of the setups that the truck sim game players are building to enjoy our games their way. In all cases, a lot of hard work has been invested into a unique custom combination of software and hardware. It is always a great inspiration for our team to see that some of the fans may be so dedicated to our games.

Let's take a look at the fifth set of pictures of the amazing work, creativity, and passion of our fans around the globe...

Which of these is your favorite? Thanks to everyone who's sent their sim rig pictures to us. If you have a cool photo to share, too, you can send them to the message inbox at our Facebook profiles: SCS Software, American Truck Simulator or Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Trade Connections - France: World of Trucks Event Update

Speaking of community engagement... We are about half-way through another event on our World of Trucks community portal!

We have to admit that the Trade Connections - France event was set up to be quite difficult - asking the players to drive a lot of distance to complete it. With the requirement to drive to/from different countries, we are talking thousands of kilometers to drive to link up the loading docks. We are very pleased with the level of community engagement; a lot of you decided to participate. As of now, over 15,000 of you have completed the event, earned the achievement, and also received a few cabin "toys" as a reward.

This event is promoting our Vive la France ! map expansion, but actually it doesn't depend on it, you don't have to own it to participate. As the base game already contains several French cities, you can happily use them as the places to deliver to/from.

To elaborate on the event numbers, over 60,000 World of Trucks users have so far finished at least one transportation job that is eligible for the event, so we hope that eventually there will be way more successful completions. On the other hand, and this was quite surprising for us, there are over 50,000 World of Truck users who were playing the game in recent weeks without ever bothering to visit France, missing a chance to have their deliveries count towards the event tally.

We are thinking that we may not be doing enough to promote the fact that the event is even happening, so here we are with the few paragraphs at the end of today's blog post. ;). Have fun!

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