Friday, December 8, 2017

Italia Fan-Made Videos & Reviews

Only a few days have passed since we released the latest ETS2 map expansion - Italia. The fan community's response has been overwhelmingly positive, we're so happy and honored by your voice of support! There were still some bugs reported, and we are working on a quick update of the game and the DLC for next week.

For a very brief moment in time, for some two or three hours on Tuesday evening, our humble map DLC has enjoyed its moment of glory at the very top of Global Top Sellers on Steam. This is a major accomplishment and an indication of the decication and strength of our fantastic player community. Not many full-priced games can do it, especially now in the era of total dominance of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in the chart.

Quite a lot of players and fellow truckers have also celebrated the release their own way - with "First Looks" or "Let's Play" videos for their channels. We think it may be of interest for you if we list some notable videos here...

MrMorrelo's Fan Made Trailer

Squirrel's First Look

SiSL's First Look

Daggerwin's First Look

Wujek Bohun's Video (Polish language)

NU89's Video (Italian language)

There are many many more! It would make a never-ending blog post if we tried to list them all, so if your favorite YouTube or hero isn't placed among those above, try to search some keywords on these sites (like at this link) and surely you'll find their uploads as well.

Thank you all and see you next time! We have some HUGE news lined up for you very soon! ;-)

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