Monday, January 8, 2018

Grand Gift Delivery countdown

Hurry up all Santa's trucking elves! You may be a little late, but your effort still counts! If you want to participate in our Christmas event, there is plenty of time left to deliver those parcels and earn your chance to get unique prizes both digital and physical!

To get up to speed, make sure to read our earlier Grand Gift Delivery 2017 blog post first.

Physical rewards will be drawn randomly from all participants for each Tier after the special event completion on Monday, January 22, 2018. Keep an eye on our social media so you do not miss the event winners announcement.

During the event so far, we have noticed several questions being asked repeatedly. To address them, we decided to create a little f.a.q. list:

Q: How can I see my progress?

A: Both in-game (in a new little bar at the top of the main menu screen) and on your Profile page on the World of Truck web site. The latter includes the Log Book page to help you keep track of recent jobs' details.

Q: I keep delivering things and the progress still shows 3/6. How comes?

A: Please make sure your jobs are:
  • External Contracts - Quick Jobs nor Freight Market doesn't count.
  • Gift jobs - only the big gift boxes as the cargo count, nothing else does.
  • Different destination cities - each job has to be delivered to a different city than any of the previous ones. Check the log book! The list of visited cities doesn't reset after finishing tier 1. 

Q: I get an error that my vehicle is too long when I try to take an External Contract. What's going on?

A: You have very likely some incompatible mod enabled. It's recommended to disable all mods when participating in World of Trucks events.

Q: I finished Tier 1 and got nothing!?! Help!

A: You have to log in to World of Trucks and claim the Steam inventory items from the Event page. The "Open Events Page" button from the in-game event description will steer you there as well.

Q: I finished Tier 1 and got no Steam achievement. What's wrong?

A: It's a World of Trucks achievement, not a Steam one.

Q: How can I activate tier 2?

A: Just keep going. Once you deliver another gift job, it will be counted towards Tier 2 automatically.

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