Monday, March 26, 2018

Event: Trade Connections - Sweden

Let us invite you to join a new World of Trucks event. This time, we are looking north!

We have received a lot of rather positive feedback during the previous World of Trucks events. It is clear that a lot of players enjoy having a new challenge and a goal to fulfil, and the little rewards may also play a role. ;)

Our ambition is to arrange the events more frequently in the future, even though honestly we seem to struggle a bit to balance the production, testing, and release pipeline to process all the various projects and game updates running in parallel. It may bite us too this time - with the new event now starting, we may end up overlapping it with the planned open beta of update 1.31 for both games.

We hope that spending the time performing the event deliveries feels good on its own, but for some of you, having a little context backstory can improve the enjoyment even further, so here we are...

As you know, our ETS map design team is currently working hard on the upcoming Beyond the Baltic Sea world expansion. You can imagine how much material of all types would be needed if this was all happening in the real world. There are so many kilometers of roads to build, so many buildings, intersections, industries and landmarks, so much landscaping! Maybe we can all help shorten the world-building process by transporting any supplies that we can up north? We'll need to build a new ferry on Sweden's Baltic coast to facilitate the transport of goods over to Finland!

Now straight to the rules of this event:
  • You need to own DLC Scandinavia to be able to participate.
  • You need to be connected to World of Trucks service for the online jobs to register!
  • To earn the reward for this event, your goal is to complete a delivery of any cargo to or from Sweden with at least 10 different other countries in the rest of Europe. You can review your recent deliveries in the LogBook if you are logged in to World of Truck.
  • The event will last for one month.

If you'll pass this requirement, you will get the reward, which includes:

  • 'Viking Warrior' - dashboard statue
  • 'Northern Lights' - main menu background
  • 3 random country pennants

As you probably remember from the previous events, we are taking advantage of Steam's Inventory infrastructure to "drop" the rewards to you. As a consequence, the individual items can be traded or even sold through Steam. Just remember that if you get rid of a particular Inventory item, you will no longer be able to see it in the game's Upgrade Shop and equip your truck with it.

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