Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Trade Connections: Germany - Recomputing

The Euro Truck Simulator 2 community is doing a fantastic job delivering the World of Trucks event jobs. Hundreds of thousands of tons of cargo are transported every day.

However, we have to admit that we have underestimated the mountain of work it would take to deliver 50 million tons of cargo. In our initial assessment, we based the math on last year's Christmas event combined with the Operation Big Sur event progress. Unfortunately, we did not properly take into account the extra challenge of geography as required by having to visit 10 different countries. With the personal goal jobs on average requiring 3 or more times the kilometers driven compared to Big Sur deliveries, the progress is a lot slower than we computed. Our plan was for the event to last several weeks, but seeing where we are now, we don't want to risk that the fun will turn into a grind.

We would like to move on and focus the fanbase on new stuff that we are about to unleash. It's time to move the goal post.

We are re-scaling Trade Connections: Germany event community goal. The new goal is 15 million tons of cargo. A huge task on its own, and a lot of work is still left to do, but we feel that we are back with our feet on the ground.

The rules do not change otherwise:

To personal goal to qualify for the reward requires delivery of 10 cargoes to or from Germany, over the distance longer than 300 km, to or from 10 different countries.

The community goal is the delivery of 15 million tons of cargo between Germany and any other country, there is no distance minimum or any additional limit.

We apologize for the miscalculation and for asking too much of you. We always strive to bring you positive motivation and fun on World of Trucks, and this change is in line with our vision. See you on the road!

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