Friday, December 14, 2018

Calling all video makers!

Every time we release new content, a great number of community artworks appear all over the net. The best of those we have found, or those you have sent to us, were featured on our blog and social media occasionally. But it’s quite possible that there are great pieces that we and the majority of our community never saw.

We thought that we would try something new with community videos. To celebrate the release of Beyond the Baltic Sea, we decided to hold a video contest with a nice little reward for the best video makers.

Starting today, we invite the creative video makers in the truck sim community to create a video featuring the Beyond the Baltic Sea map expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2 according to the specs below. The three best videos will be selected by SCS Software staff and all three winners will receive a coupon allowing them to spend 100 EUR on anything in SCS Software's Merchandise e-shop. Shipping costs will also be covered by SCS Software, to make it fair for all of our fans around the globe, as we're aware that shipping cost might cast a shadow on the excitement of winning. In the event of a really high number of participants with quality entries, we may throw in some more rewards.

Also, keep in mind that your videos should be somewhat movie-like and cinematic. Normal "Let's play" videos won't do. After effects are allowed.

Update: We updated the rules to make them clearer, as some of you were confused about dev camera and some other points. Also, some of you asked us about the number of submitted videos per person - it's one video per person. If you're aiming to win, you should focus on the quality of one video and use the time you have for that. We already received a number of entries, but we advise again to use the full time you have. The deadline is a long way away.

Conditions (read carefully - you need to meet all of them):
  • you must use the standard game & DLC only (SCS content) - using any mod will disqualify you from the contest; so only the ETS2 base game and any of our official DLCs are allowed
  • dev camera (free camera) is allowed as well as any other game functions (config edit is allowed completely)
  • you may use any truck & trailer combination(s)
  • the video must be shot primarily in locations of the Beyond the Baltic Sea map expansion
  • the form of the video is completely up to you, but remember to keep your original video file, and of course, keep any revenue if you are a semi-pro creator (see our monetization licence).
  • all videos have to be uploaded to YouTube as a publicly available video and we'll be happy to embed the worthwhile entries into our social media feeds as they reach us to help you boost the viewer numbers.
  • music for the video is up to you - but since the video needs to be on YouTube, it must follow YouTube content policy
  • one video per  person
  • to participate you have to send the direct YouTube link  together with your name / nickname to – Subject of the email has to be "Baltic Video contest"
Technical parameters:
  • Length: 80-90 seconds (not less than 80, not more than 90)
  • Resolution: 1920x1080 or higher

31 December 2018 22:59 UTC (23:59 CET) is the deadline - entries received after this time won't be accepted.

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