Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Community Driver Seats #8

It has been some time since we shared your driver seats. And now that the latest 1.34 update is safely out, we'd like to share more photos of your driving rigs. Previous blog posts on this theme inspired some of you to build your own, according to discussions throughout various fansites so perhaps this one will inspire some more.

Regardless of if some parts are home-made or if everything is bought, all of these show great devotion to driving games, almost no need to get a real truck right?

Want to spare space at home? This guy shows us how it's done ;)

And it's time for some real creativity! Everything that can be bought can also be hand-made at home, and here's the proof!

This one, though....with this setup we'd be afraid to start Windows, let alone thinking about pushing the horn key. That said, we are not sure if people living six blocks away can hear your truck well enough ;)

Thanks to everybody sharing your photos with us - and for those who didn't and would like to, post them here on our forum, please. Also keep an eye out on our social media channels, such as our facebook and twitter for the latest news and announcements.

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