Friday, July 19, 2019

Utah: New Deliveries

Today we have some work-in-progress screenshots of new delivery points represented by local industries. The Utah map expansion will offer many brand new and unique ones. All of those are very important as a part of the in-game economy.

Let's start with the petroleum industry - something that has always been demanded by our community for both American and Euro Truck Simulator 2. In Utah, you'll be able to witness (and work for) this industry's complete circle. From building a new rigging/oil rig to transferring it for storage purposes from the mining and fracking sites. And as in reality, you'll come across potash warehouses too.

Industry support will be represented by heavy machinery service depots and both large and standard General warehouses, made in completely new ways just for Utah!

The other ones are the Country stores with the supply chain of all kinds of deliveries for local farmers, including also a fresh new feed mill, designed specifically for the Beehive state!

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