Monday, September 2, 2019

Goodyear event & community contest results

We have been super busy in the recent days. Our On The Road team had to split up to visit five different countries on three continents in the past two weeks! Finally we are back in the office today to prepare the summary of both the Goodyear event and the community screenshot contest.

It is clear that our World of Trucks events engage and entertain the player community, we have been in fact surprised by the level of participation. We were glad to see that nobody complained much when we extended the event to give people more time to complete all the event jobs. The numbers are in, and so many people finished 10 jobs and earned the achievement!

For the community screenshot contest, there were over 2,000 valid entries (and much more photos actually, as many of you posted more than one). Many of the shots were absolutely stunning! Same as with our previous competitions, judging those entries was a pretty hard task because there's always way more beautiful pictures than there are slots for the winners.

Nevertheless, it had to be done and here are the winners! Feel free to express your love for these pictures too; the names are hyperlinked, so you are welcome to click on their names and give them a like!

All the winners above will be contacted shortly via the same platform they entered through;  if you're one of them, do check your messages and choose your reward from our e-shop!

Thank you all for participation in Goodyear event. Until next time!

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