Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Idaho: Sign Here, Please

As you travel through the highways and interstates of Idaho, you will find similar types of road signage that are typically found across the United States, however, there is a unique sign that may catch your eye as you travel.

In fact, it's not one sign, but over 300 signs which have been erected to date across the state, but what exactly are these signs? They are the famous Historical Highway Markers, where Idaho’s highways and history intersect.

The Historical Marker Program, began in 1956 in an effort to preserve the history of the early pioneers and Native Americans who lived and walked in these areas of the U.S.  Each one presents a short historical text about the area or event that took place, your general location within the state, the highway you are on and the nearest milepost. These signs are typically found on roadsides or in parking areas off the highways for drivers to pull-over and learn about the historical sites that surround them.

We are excited to feature a number of these unique signs in Idaho for American Truck Simulator, and continue to preserve some of the important history for virtual travellers to learn about. We encourage you to stop and take the time to read some of these Historical Markers when you reach Idaho, as each one has been created in detail to match their real life counterparts.

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