Wednesday, April 8, 2020

#TruckAtHome Event Conclusion

The #TruckAtHome event has come to end, which made way for the highly anticipated ETS2 1.37 Open Beta; nonetheless, we couldn't be more proud of our community. Players from around the world united in driving loads in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator to help spread this important message, to stay at home.

On March 30th we began the event, setting the rules very clear and simple with no goal to reach. Our aim? To get as many people involved, in any way they can, while remaining at home and to complete as many jobs as possible. Within the first 24 hours, you had already collectively driven 120 million kilometers and by the time we released our event progress blog, you had achieved 340 million kilometers.

These are not the only stats which impressed us though, this past weekend Euro Truck Simulator 2 continued to break its own player-count record and reached it's peak at 61,081 players! This really did prove the point that thousands of more players were indeed taking heed of our message to #TruckAtHome.

Many of you also took to our Social Media pages to share photos of how you were trucking at home with our paint-job modification, your supportive live streams, and videos that further help spread our message. In the end, truckers from around the world collectively drove an astounding 584,000,000kms! It's almost like going two times from Earth to Sun and back!

For each 20,000,000 milestone reached, we shared a mix of base game and map expansions Steam keys across our social media channels which resulted in us giving away over 1,200 keys! We also made donations to a variety of charities and projects which aid those working on the front line of fighting COVID-19. Over 400,000 CZK (15,000 EUR) was donated. Alongside those donations, our SCS on the road team made deliveries of essential items to many hospitals and key workers on several days.

Although the event may be over, we have made the commitment to continuing to promote this message to #TruckAtHome and to support the local community who help support those on the front line of fighting against COVID-19. We will continue to look at content shared with us using the hashtag (along with tagging our profiles, of course) and reward some of our home truckers with free Steam DLC keys.

The MODs containing #TruckAtHome paint jobs remain available in the Steam Workshop, so anyone can download and start using them and so joining the fleet of Home Truckers. Also, let us remind you that everyone who passed the personal goal requirements will get a nice in-game reward! This item is not ready yet, so you can imagine it as a gift coming your way for now. But we bet you'll like it!

Please continue to join us as we #TruckAtHome, as it is incredibly important to stay home to prevent further spread of the virus. We thank you for all your time, dedication and support, you truly are the #BestCommunityEver.

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