Monday, June 1, 2020

Trucks World Cup 2020 - Wrap Up

What a competition the #TWC2020 was! There were many unexpected twists and changes that happened during the voting. The closer we got to the final round, the more tension we could feel from the participants; but the contest is over now and we have a winner!

We send our biggest congratulations to Burakref, the ultimate winner of the Trucks World Cup 2020 Renault Trucks screenshot competition! It was not an easy road from the moment he was selected as one of the 32 participants. During one of the semi-final matches, it seemed like that he would not proceed to the final round, when in his semifinal match he lost against Ilya 29 RUS. But when we contacted his competitor, he himself said that he actually thinks that Burakref's truck is better and that he should have won instead and left the final round for him! By this decision, Burakref was back on the road and on the way to the final round! What a twist, right?!

The final round was really tough and extremely close. We actually had to go into the statistics and compare the very exact numbers of votes that came to each of our finalists, because the graphics were saying it ended 50% vs 50%. But numbers do not lie and so Burakref won with a hell-of-a-number of 6666 votes vs his competitor Spring with 6574 votes!

We really enjoyed bringing you this exciting competition and we're really glad we have been able to bring it to you along with all the really cool items in the rewards pool kindly provided by Intel, Thrustmaster, Tobii Eye Tracking, HyperX, Renault Trucks and us too. We send a big thank you to our friends at these great companies!

Our winner has made it through all levels, earning very cool prizes all the way through till the final round to claim the ultimate reward. The title of the Trucks World Cup 2020 winner, the amazing T150 Pro Steering Wheel from Thrustmaster, a very special Steam key that unlocks every DLC/map expansion we have ever released, but also ever will release for ETS2 (the second place will get one of these too!), and a secret prize provided by Renault Trucks. Unfortunately, due to the current situation around COVID19, they were unable to go through with the initial plans for this prize. However, our friends at RT are planning a new idea for the secret prize, which will be confirmed by them as soon as possible.

Those who made it to the selection of 32 participants and further, please double-check your email inbox, because we still have no replies from some of you regarding your rightful rewards. We'd love to get in touch with you to be able to send you prizes you've won, but if we do not get any reply from you by the 10th of June 2020, then we won't be able to send you the items. We also ask that you please have some patience with us, as shipping the goods to your address might take a longer time than usual due to the current world situation.

We also want to send a BIG thank you and virtual high five to every single member of our #BestCommunityEver who sent us his or her screenshots and entry to this competition, to every one of the 32 selected participants and to all those who made it through to some upper levels of this contest. We've loved every image we received! Thank you, stay awesome and we hope that soon we'll be able to bring something similar to you again!

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