Monday, January 18, 2021

#XmasWiseGiving + #CruisingColorado Conclusion

The holiday season is a time of rest for most people, but for the logistics industry, it is the busiest time of the year! Over the past couple of months, drivers from across the world have united to deliver gifts wisely on both sides of the Atlantic in our Christmas Wise Giving Event.  

Thousands of deliveries needed to be made for cities across both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator and our #BestCommunityEver delivered! We thank you for all the hard work and time each of you put in to help unlock rewards for all drivers to enjoy in-game.

In less than 24 hours, drivers have already completed their personal goals of completing 15 deliveries across Europe/USA and 75 of the 350 hearts and gifts needed to receive the first tier of the community rewards. By the end of the first day of the event, Osnabruck became the first city to max out on both given and received gift deliveries and you, the community, reached the first tier! 

With that kind of momentum, it was no wonder that the final tier of the community goal was achieved on the 27th of December, just 10 days after the beginning of the event! The rate of deliveries completed even had Santa in the North Pole shocked! 

We want to thank every single driver who contributed to the event, and to those who really went the extra mile. It really brings a huge smile to the faces of the SCS team to see how much you enjoyed these events, and how you managed to complete them quicker every year, despite the many deliveries we challenge you with. We hope you enjoy the unique Christmas accessories and paint jobs that you have so rightfully earned and use them as a reminder of this year's event. 

However, the #XmasWiseGiving event wasn't the only event you could take part in during the festive period. For the first time ever, we had 2 consecutive World of Trucks events running alongside each other! 

On November 12th, with the release of Colorado for American Truck Simulator, we began the #CruisingColorado event. We set a goal for truckers to drive 60,000,000 combined miles whilst delivering to or from any of the 13 cities in the state of Colorado. With Colorado themed rewards to be earned, it only took our community 7 days to reach the goal of 60 million miles, incredible! 

This really does go to show the strength and power of our community when we work together. We thank you for your support and we look forward to sharing more development news with you in the future.

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