Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Wyoming: Railroads

With the demand for shipping higher than ever before, drivers on the road are not the only ones feeling the pressure when it comes to making on-time deliveries. Whilst the logistics of railroad operations is completely different to those of a trucker, neither party would be able to operate without the other. And as the railroad network often closely follows the roads, one could say trains are sometimes well-known company on a trucker's journey through the lands, hauling important cargo side by side.

In our upcoming Wyoming DLC for American Truck Simulator,  drivers will be able to contribute to the maintenance of the locomotives that serve the railways and deliver important rail parts from one of the biggest rail yards in the US! 

Located in Cheyenne, this Railyard Depot holds everything from spare parts to service bays for the hundreds of locomotives that ride on its rails every year. Cheyenne is also the home base for UP Big Boy 4014 from Pomona. "Big Boy," the largest steam locomotive in the world! 

Drivers will also be able to deliver to railroad construction sites where tracks are being built for future routes or being repaired.

So while it may seem a little frustrating to be held up at a railroad crossing, remember the train driver is much like us truck drivers! Always on the move and delivering essential goods, products, and more across the country. 

If you would like to help keep the hype train moving, then be sure to add Wyoming to your Steam Wishlist! 

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