Thursday, May 20, 2021

California Dreamin' #2 - Road Network Rework

Recently, we shared the first development update on giving our starting state in American Truck Simulator a reskin. Today we are excited to share with you another update regarding the major road layout rework. What changes can drivers expect to see? Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Our world design tools have been considerably improved during the years since ATS was released, and we plan to take advantage of the new power. For example, our map designers can now pay attention to details like the proper roll of the road surface in a curve. We are also trying to make sure we get our research right when it comes to unique road signage elements, proper road markings, or the use of cat's eyes. We hope to achieve a completely new look and feel when driving across the State. 

Road junctions will also be receiving a rework from the ground up, as well as modifications to the general layout of CA roads. The team involved in this rework is striving to make it a seamless drive throughout the state. Cities will be also completely reconstructed and feature new depots and an upgraded economy. This also includes an update to regular truck stops and rest areas found throughout California! 

The changes and improvements we plan are massive, however, please keep in mind that we are not redoing California from scratch. While many places will be overhauled completely, there are sceneries that we feel have withstood the test of time really well, or may only need a thin layer of additional polish. At any rate, we're striving to provide a cohesive experience well in line with our current world creation best practices.

We can't wait to share with you more development updates from California and more! Keep an eye here on our official blog and social media channels for more content in the future. Happy trucking!

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