Thursday, December 2, 2021

Heart of Russia - Industrial Areas

It is easy to get lost in the mysterious country of Russia while reading about its marvelous nature or historical buildings and monuments, but it’s also important to remember the main reason for a trucker’s journey. So in order to remind you, we will tease you a bit with some information and screenshots of the industries that are coming with the Heart of Russia DLC.

We are planning to bring a couple of brand new industries with the upcoming map expansion. While we have already showcased the Food Mill Industry, we have one more up our sleeves, and we are extremely anxious to be able to take a closer look at it in the future with more detailed information and pictures. Which industries thrive in Russia? What could it possibly be?

While some of the industries will be familiar from the previous ETS2 updates, we have prepared newly modeled logistic halls and warehouses. In addition to that, you will be able to drive through vast industrial areas, then take a look behind the concrete walls of factory complexes, and witness details such as old bricks, rough concrete, rusty pipes, and many other small parts worth discovering. 

Well, it looks like there will be times to bask in the greatness of the environment, but there will also be times to get to work and do what truckers are responsible for. Hopefully, you have enjoyed the peek into the new industry areas coming with the Heart of Russia DLC. If you did, make sure to add the update to your Steam Wishlist and you will always stay in touch with what we are preparing to show you.

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