Monday, March 13, 2023

Oklahoma - Agriculture

As you already may have guessed from our previous blog articles, Oklahoma is a major agricultural state in the United States. Known as the "breadbasket of America," the Sooner State is a top producer of a variety of crops and livestock, contributing significantly to the state's economy and the nation's food supply.

Wheat is a truly significant crop in Oklahoma. In fact, the state is the sixth-largest producer of wheat in the country, and it produces enough wheat each year to make over 13 billion loaves of bread! However, cotton production definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. Transporting these crops to Crops Farms, Grain Elevators, and Cotton Gins across the state and beyond is a critical role for truckers and the thriving industry will keep all of you busy and entertained for hours and hours.

Oklahoma is also a major producer of livestock. The state is home to over 4 million head of cattle, making it the fifth-largest cattle-producing state in the country. There will be an opportunity to check out a number of related prefabs such as Dairy Farm, Livestock Auction, or Feed Mill. When put together, these places represent the chain of production quite nicely, as you need the feed to take care of the cattle and then trade it at the auction afterward.

Judging by the numbers shown in the text above, it is safe to say that local agriculture will have a strong presence in the upcoming Oklahoma DLC. If you are looking forward to exploring new industries and experiences, make sure to add the map expansion to your Steam Wishlist or follow our social media profiles (TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok) to never miss out on any important updates.

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