Wednesday, May 17, 2023

California Rework - Santa Cruz

We know that many of you are very excited about the changes in the upcoming phase 3 of our ongoing California Rework project for American Truck Simulator, and we are glad to share some more information about it with you today. Get ready to hit the road to Santa Cruz, which will be completely revamped from the ground up!

Santa Cruz is a city with a rich history, founded in 1791 by Spanish explorers. Its unique city layout is in the "European style," with an irregular grid of streets that reflects the city's history. Today, Santa Cruz is a tourist town known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant downtown area. The main city center is located off the coast and is formed by Pacific Ave, which is home to most shops, boutiques, restaurants, and hotels. The most interesting spot in downtown Santa Cruz is the intersection around the Town Clock, where visitors can enjoy the bustling atmosphere of the city.

If you head west along the coast, you'll find the old lighthouse, which now houses the Surfing Museum. Near the lighthouse and the southern tip of the mainland, you'll find Lighthouse Field State Beach Park, where you can check out some beautiful relaxing views.

The city center is located on the ocean coast, with Santa Cruz Wharf's wooden pier and several houses and restaurants. To the east of the pier, on Beach St., is the Santa Cruz Boardwalk promenade with an amusement park and several restaurants. The Boardwalk is a popular spot for visitors to the city, with its iconic Giant Dipper roller coaster and other rides.

Please mind that what you can see in the screenshots is still very much a "work in progress" and you might spot some placeholder depots which will be replaced in the final version. That being said, we sincerely hope this blog post got you excited enough to pay the city a visit once the third phase of California rework will become available in the game. If you are looking forward to finding out what else is coming in this phase, follow our social media (TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok) and you will never miss out on any important information. We’ll see you on the (reworked) road!

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