Sunday, May 5, 2024

SCS On The Road - Tirsan SCS Multi Ride Walk-Around

In this episode of the SCS On The Road series, we take an in-depth look at one of Tirsan’s flagship products, the SCS Multi Ride trailer! Today’s episode is hosted by our colleague SiSL, who had the privilege of interviewing Mert Erdoğmuş, the former Product Manager at Tirsan.

Tirsan, renowned for its groundbreaking solutions in the transportation sector, has consistently raised the bar in trailer design. The SCS Multi Ride trailer stands as a testament to their commitment to innovation and efficiency. You can also get this trailer in Euro Truck Simulator 2 by owning the Tirsan Trailer Pack DLC! A huge shout-out to Mert Erdoğmuş and our friends at Tirsan for their collaboration and support in bringing this episode to life.

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