Friday, August 19, 2011

SCS is at GamesCom

We've spent a couple of days visiting GamesCom, the most important European gaming exhibition, taking place in Cologne, Germany. We are not among the exhibitors; truck games genre unfortunately doesn't generate such fortunes for us to be able to spend them on expensive promotion. We have come to talk business - in addition to public halls, two of the expo ground halls are reserved for trade visitors to network among themselves, and that's where we are spending most of the time. We can build the games, but we rely on our publishing and distribution partners to manufacture the boxes, to get them into retail stores and ultimately into your hands. Finding the right partnerships for publishing can make or break a game, it is at least as important as building a decent quality game.

We have also spent some time in the expo halls. They are awfully loud, very crowded, and mostly focused on the male visitors, as you can perhaps appreciate from the following sample photos.