Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Euro Truck Simulator in Brazil

Our first success with distribution of our games in Latin America - the original Euro Truck Simulator is available as a boxed CD product in Brazil now, thanks to Tech Dealer. Hopefully we have found a gateway to reach our fans in Brazil with our future game releases as well.

The new release of the game is actually a really good value - it is a bundle of Euro Trucks Simulator Gold plus UK Truck Simulator and German Truck Simulator.


  1. Great News :) More people buy more money :)

    SCS Team!

    I've got a few suggestion that you must correct in ETS 2:

    -Make the steering continous ! Because if you play with mouse or wheel you can see that the wheel turns in stages.

    -Also you could make the steering to 900°- So we could use this with steering wheel and could reverse more precisely.

    -Need improovements in turning physics too! At high speed we dont need faster steering !
    Other Ideas for better simulation:

    -As others said, give us the chance to deliver fuel to gas stations, Asphalt-and Machines to construction sites and road repairs.

    -Load and unload trailer with time elapse, and maybe with small animations like container crane and forklifts.

    -Bigger delivery times, and wait for cargos not just deattach trailer and pick up the next one ( In GTS we always got deliverys and dont even have time to have a rest, and if we went to sleep we are out of delivery time :( )

    -Maybe more camera views? In cab view camera at passenger seat( And we could look out that side too while reversing ), and camera at bed pillow when we go to sleep and there we choose out how much time to sleep.

    -A Tachograph?


  2. Good deal that is keep up the great work scs software.

  3. yessssssssssssssssss his right $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ good suggestions

  4. congrats! best of luck with your expansion plans!

  5. great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Our thanks for the version here in Brazil I guarantee that many people will download this version, like a lot of versions 18 Wheels Of Steel and Truck Simulator.


  7. When I look at your trailers I see they all have 3 axes. In real life there are more trailers with only 2 or even 1 axe rather than trailers with 3 axes.
    Maybe you can implement also 1-2 axes trailers in the game?

  8. Yeah! That's a great box! I already buy one for myself! It's really a steal!!

    Best regards from Brazil!

  9. yeahhhh,,,,you are right mate....
    thats a very nice idea.
    but the best part of the simulation is the physics, not just the TRUCK, but TRAILER as well.
    so every load you take you must have a diferent carefull.


  10. i would like to no more about the company in ets2 i live in england so i would like my main hub to be uk and my trucks right hand and some left hand.
    also about twin trailers can wehave some more pick of tanker teins etc... please

  11. Good for you, SCS! I hope it sells a lot, it sure sounds like a golden package, all three in one. (c:

  12. Congratulations SCS Software. Good luck with your future plans.

  13. Muito bom !!!! ancioso por Euro Truck Simulator 2
    irei comprar sem duvida! em apoio ao exelente jogo e pelo reconhecimento, boa sorte na vendas.

    Isso a galera vamos apoiar e fazer essea empresa crescer ela merece.

    Obrigado!/Thank you

  14. Yes this is a good value pack for Brazil so all can enjoy this beatiful games.
    SCS people should make a "Brazil truck simulator-1" Good idea Hey!!

  15. Anonymous said...
    When I look at your trailers I see they all have 3 axes. In real life there are more trailers with only 2 or even 1 axe rather than trailers with 3 axes.
    Maybe you can implement also 1-2 axes trailers in the game?


    In Europe most trailers have 3 axles, trailers with 2 axles are less and trailers with 1 axle is rare in distribution across Europe.

    if you see trailers with 2 axles have 4 wheels per axle, so 2 axles have 8 wheels. Trailers with 3 axles have 6 wheels, less 2 wheels less money spend in tires.

  16. Unfortunately i do a download of ETS and GTS, because don't can to buy this games. When i find German Truck Simulator i go buy. You, from SCS Software, need of my money to progress.

    Gean, the little designer of 15 years. from Brazil.

  17. Well done! You can leave I'll buy my ETS!

    And I've been playing Trucks & Trailers, and left a good game, even better!

    Now surely the public will not criticize the new ETS2 in vain, but could innovate right now, as a police officer when a driver causes an accident, forbidding place for a limited time, etc ...

    Now there is a better question:

    Going out in Brazil too?

    Google Translation...

  18. when is the release date??????

    were can i buy it

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. It's a good thing that it's already done. May I ask when it'll be released? I hope you show us a demo version.

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  21. Estou um pouco atrasado, mas vamos lá;

    Eu sou do Brasil e comprei recentemente meu Euro Truck Gold Edition e ADOREI o jogo, já sou fã fa SCS Software, e assim que sair o ETS2 eu comprarei também!!!

    Parabéns SCS por distribuir o jogo também no Brasil e não esqueçam de por o jogo em Português-BR também! =D


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