Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trucks & Trailers in stores in Scandinavia

Finally our Trucks & Trailers game is also available as a boxed product in the Nordic countries. The game was released by Wendros, and thanks to help from the community comes with localizations into Danish, Swedish, Finnish and two variants of Norwegian. Thanks!


  1. Its a awesome game!
    Greetings from Sweden
    Cant wait for Euro truck simulator 2 ;)

  2. Can you also post some new screens of ETS2 today?
    I can't wait to see more of that great game!

  3. Nice Done!

    Cant wait too for Euro truck simulator 2 ;)

    We need more info with realease date..>!!

  4. Always glad to hear news like this. I wish you many, many sold copies of T&T in Scandinavia, as well as success on Brazilian market - hope that your business will grow nice. :-)

  5. Nice! I bought it last week, is it possible to update my web-version of it to the localized version?

    On a side note, I would love a spin-off of T&T for training of handling trailers with cars. For instance Caravans are a pain in the ass to handle and you selldom handle them to much on a normal year. It would be awesome to have a realistic simulator for handling caravan tasks as parkings on camping, narrow road driving etc. I mean just to get the feeling of the challenges that lies ahead. (I already used some of the knowledge i gained from T&T when I parked my caravan this week)

  6. shame this game is such a load of garbage .
    Boring and monotonous i just hope it does not put off people buying ETS2 when its released . A lot of people who have not played ETS1 , GTS or UKTS could well be put off by the repetition and monotony of this game . I traded in my copy 2 days after buying it i was that bored with it

  7. ets2 release date

  8. hey, you have put another truck on the cover!
    Nice to hear you can serve more customers which bring in more money for ETS2 :).

  9. Can't wait to see it here in Brazil!!!

  10. Cant wait for Euro truck simulator 2 in Romania ;)

  11. Great news, looking forward to seing it in the stores. Might even buy it to have the box version, even though I already got T&T on my computer... :)

    I also noticed that you went from DAF to Scania on the cover. Such a shame, as the DAF is by far the best truck out there (yea, I have real life experience, including 1,5 years of long haul driving in a DAF XF105). But I guess it's a reasonable choice afterall, since Scania is the most common truck in Scandinavia...

  12. pff DAF is with top of worst trucks out there.

    I would rather pick harlem version of Scania and MAN and Benz because they are far better trucks then DAF.

    But what i am wondering about.. is this just training game? , I got tired of playing thoes basic Task in trial game and wrote the game off as most boring thing :) , i can do thoes task in real life but nice grapic and realist but i rather would play german truck/18 wheels/euro truck games then doing basic training shit.


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