Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MAN TGX wallpaper

As promised yesterday, we are happy to give you another cool computer desktop wall-paper with a licensed truck from Euro Truck Simulator 2 here on SCS Software's blog.

Click this link to download the MAN TGX wallpaper.

Our adventure with Steam Greenlight is taking interesting twists and turns. When we last mentioned Greenlight here on the blog, we were excited to see quite a burst of new votes on that day (see the picture below).

We were hoping to witness the game surging to a higher position, however things got quiet two days later, in fact too quiet. The influx of votes has slowed, and the game has lost a place and is now at #41. We don't think it's a good idea to bother you with this campaign in every blog post, but if it works and always sparks a new wave of votes, we may still do it from time to time. Most of you have had a plan for means of obtaining (hopefully purchasing!) a copy of the game before the possibility of Steam even came up, so you my not care. But for us, having the game appear on Steam could really help get it in front of a much larger audience than just our current fan community, to increase the sales, and to get better funding for future truck simulators.

So if you are a Steam user who just bumped into our game for the very first time today randomly visiting our blog, our long long-time fan who was still sitting on the fence, please consider spending a minute of your time and vote for ETS2 on Greenlight. Thanks! (And tell your Steam friends to do the same ;-) )