Friday, November 9, 2012

Not today

We wanted to release the 1.2.0 Euro Truck Simulator update today, but unfortunately we are not yet ready with the patch. While testing the release candidates over the last few days, we kept finding glitches with each new build. We weighted the pros and cons, but in the end we decided that it would be irresponsible for us to risk releasing a semi-broken patch. Please bear with us; we know that many of you are waiting for the numerous bug fixes and optimizations in this game update. The patch is almost here, but at the moment the best estimate for its release is "early next week."

The paragraph above may set negative tone to the comments on the blog, but let us risk opening a different topic.

We are thinking of creating the first DLC for the game - extending the game world by about a dozen cities. To put this into perspective, our older games like ETS1, GTS or UKTS all had below 20 cities in them, so when it comes to the effort required, this is quite a task, quite an investment.

Would you tolerate it if we put a price on such a game expansion and asked for your money to buy it?

Would you support us if we prepared a campaign on a site like or to help us finance the development and give you a chance to pre-order the expansion through it?

We are at a crossroads now. We are committed to improving Euro Truck Simulator 2 for a long time, but we also need to start new project(s) to keep the business going and have new games to sell in the years to come. These priorities are competing for our focus, for the available man power in the team. Crowd-funding may turn out to limit the risks a lot for us to give us the means to grow the team and grow our development capacity to take on more projects or to build our future games faster and with richer feature set. But it's an uncharted territory for us, and we would appreciate your feedback, so that we avoid costly public relations blunders and disappointments.