Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Public Linux Beta of Euro Truck Simulator 2

After a few days of limited-group closed beta testing, today we are making the Linux Beta build of ETS2 accessible to general public, exclusively through Steam. This is not a free beta, you can only access it if you have already purchased/activated the full version of the game on Steam.

To test the Linux version of ETS2 you need to do following:
1) Install the game from Steam client. This will install the non-beta version which does not have Linux executables.
2) In the Steam client open the ETS2 properties screen and navigate to the "Betas" tab.
3) Select the linux_testing beta.
4) This will install the Linux binaries.

To provide feedback, please go to http://forum.scssoft.com and participate in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Linux Beta Testing discussion group.

The game works reasonably well on native NVidia drivers. There are some reports of flickering artifacts on ATI drivers. Older MESA versions are a problem, freshest MESA looks promising still with some serious artifacts, though.

We'll be happy to provide access to the beta to media for a preview, though there are still some elements in the Linux version that need ironing out.