Thursday, November 7, 2013

Demolition Day... erm... Sound Recording Day

There are so many elements and features in our game code and art assets that we know would deserve improvement. Sound effects are not an exception, sound is a very important part of the overall experience, in fact more important than what people think "at first sight."

We have taken the opportunity of earning a bit of extra revenue thanks to sales from Halloween Paint Job Pack on Steam, and today we wanted to show you how we invested the money! We organized a special event yesterday with the goal of making quality sound recordings of car crashes. We put special emphasis on having a safe event, we even had a fire brigade and an ambulance car at the ready should anything go not quite right. Behind the wheel, we had the honor of welcoming a star Czech stuntman Jarda Psenicka. His credits include stunts for many major movie productions, including Titanic, Doom, Hellboy, and many more.

Our plans for the next sound recording event? A V8 engine!