Monday, November 11, 2013

Photos, Betas

We are still processing the photos and videos from our Car Crashing Day event - and of course the sfx themselves still need a lot of work to process, clean up, and implement. This is not something that can be plugged into the game immediately, please have patience with us. Anyway, today we have placed a bunch of photos from the day to our facebook page here.

Meanwhile, work on game update 1.8 is in full swing, with testing going on in closed betas.

However, there are reports of problems people are having with 1.7 version. These may not be game-breaking problems that trouble everybody, normally we'd wait to include them with another major update. But especially for people running larger map mods, there are stability issues reported, problems that if fixed would no longer require arcane workarounds for mod users. So we thought that doing a public testing beta release might be a good way to see if have managed to make the game more robust. If you have been affected by any of these issues, please let us know whether this update makes the game more stable without causing some undesired side-effects. We'll consider making this into a regular game patch.

Changelog beta build 1.7.1:
  • fixed crash on freight market when too many jobs were generated (mods only)
  • fixed rare crash that sometimes happened with air horn usage
  • fixed incorrect trailer placement when automatic parking was used in Trameri Warszaw
  • fixed engine displacement volumes for Volvo and Iveco
This beta update is currently only available through Steam; to access it, you need to opt in to access betas, and switch to "public_beta" branch. Thanks for your feedback!