Monday, November 4, 2013

Status update

A short update on what is happening now at SCS Software...

We are now hard at work merging in two important code changes - improvements in physics, especially in the area of suspension, and major traffic AI rewrite. Both are big functional changes that need to be integrated and tested extensively. Time needed for testing each such major feature change is always hard to estimate, but we hope that it is a matter of weeks rather than months before it's all ready for release in another ETS2 update.

Of course, in the meantime our other teams are pushing for progress in other areas, including American Truck Simulator, new territorial expansions for ETS2, on new trucks, new buses, we are adding new features to World of Trucks... a lot is going on! We are placing big bets on the future, so four new people are coming to SCS just this week to help us speed up our work.

And there is more, we'll have even more exciting news for you in near future about our push for adding yet more development talent and capacity.

Meanwhile, there are some other cool things happening out there...

There's massive discount available now for a huge bundle of simulators - The Superpower Sims Bundle. The bundle includes the original classic Euro Truck Simulator game and many other notable simulators for ridiculously low price. We hope that this can bring in fresh players to the truck sim family, and for some people, it may also be a cheap chance to finally own a legal copy of the game. In addition to getting a bunch of nice games on the cheap, Bundle Stars will contribute to SpecialEffect charity from each sale made.

We are also happy to announce that Scania Truck Driving Simulator has been Greenlit by Valve with the help of fan community! While it's not a new game for many of you, the additional exposure to the 65+ million-strong Steam player base is great news for us. This could mean yet more revenue and funding for investing into our current and future work. Thank you guys!