Thursday, November 28, 2013

World of Trucks update!

We would like to announce several improvements for World of Trucks.

The prominent additions include:

User comments for images

Now you can comment and discuss the images you have uploaded. We feel that there are plenty of creations worth talking about! World of Trucks gallery is a great testament of community craftsmanship.

Country selection

Now you are able to set the country of choice to your profile.

Search for users

You can now search with ease for your friends and fellow truckers. Check out their profiles and comment of their recent uploads.

Use webcam to snap your profile image

In web browsers supporting the feature (currently Firefox and Chrome only) you can use your webcam to grab the image for your World of Trucks profile.

Editor's Pick history

You can list older Editor's Picks to see who ever managed to be noticed by SCS team for the front page.

We are truly astonished seeing how active the fan community is on World of Trucks. We hope that the current small set of feature additions will boost it even further. There are small improvements (and large new features) in the pipeline, we are barely out of the gate. Stay tuned!

Plus jump right away to World of Trucks website to check it out!