Thursday, May 29, 2014

Flip Paints Designs DLC + Competition

Today we would like to announce the release of a new set of paint designs. It is expanding on our previous experiments with new truck paint effects we had offered as a free DLC for all World of Trucks users. (In case you haven't grabbed it yet, you can always find your activation key on your personal World of Trucks page!)

Flip Paint Designs DLC contains 11 customizable truck paint designs. Here are only a few examples of the wealth of customization possibilities:

You can check all 11 paint designs now on its store page. We hope you'll like them!


The rules this time are pretty simple and no modding skills are necessary to participate. We hope more of you would be glad to join in.

  1. Using the choice of 19 designs: previous Metallic Paint Jobs DLC (which is free for World of Trucks users) and the just revealed Flip Paints Designs DLC, you are required to create an interesting looking color variant and present your chosen truck as best as you can. All paint jobs are customizable within the game so immediately after getting the DLCs, you are ready to shoot some photos!
  2. Upload your creation(s) from the game to World of Trucks.
  3. Then send us a link to your image detail. Like this: 
  4. Email to send your best shots at: flippaintdesigns[at] (use @ instead of [at]). Please DO NOT ATTACH THE SCREENSHOTS - sending just links to World of Trucks gallery images is the right way to let us know about your creation.
  5. Email subject: Flip Paint Designs
  6. The competition will end on 30th June 2014.
P.S. In case you are an advanced modder and able to create your own design to show off the new Flip Paint, we sure would welcome such creations as well. 

What we will be rating:

- Interesting color variation of the designs
- Having great composition of your truck will surely enhance the impression. Having truck shot on an interesting location or setting sure will give you additional notice points. Use it to your advantage.


- Editor's Pick. We will be picking and posting the best images at World of Trucks Editor's Pick section as soon as they'll start arriving.
- Fame: being there would allow others fellow truckers to admire your creations
- You will get an achievement! Every lucky player who managed to get into Editor's Pick gets an Achievement (yes, here is a little announcement right there!)  We do plan to enable achievements eventually and being in Editor's Picks is going to be one of the hardest of them. So this competition is a good opportunity to raise the chances to get spotted. :)
- 5 best creations will get a Steam key for the Collector's Edition of Euro Truck Simulator 2: This key unlocks not just ETS2, but also several additional DLCs and older games published by SCS Software. It would make a great present to a friend you want to introduce to truck simulators!

We are looking forward to seeing your creations!