Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Public beta of ETS2 Update 1.22 available on Steam
Complete your first World of Trucks Contract now!

Update 1.22 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 is entering Open Beta on Steam today.

The update comes with a ton of improvements and fixes (see below), but for us the central new feature are Contracts - a new kind of jobs available from World of Trucks. During this public beta we will be testing the robustness of our server infrastructure, and watching for errors across the job-dispensing system. As always, we are looking looking forward to your feedback and reports of any bugs you may help us find.

The new feature is implemented both in the game "client" as well as on the World of Trucks servers.

The first thing you will see after accessing World Of Trucks Job Market screen is city selection dialog. Contracts are actually the first in a series of steps to create parallel gameplay to what we have now working in the standard single-player game. Contract jobs are handled separately, your vehicle's position while on a Contract is also tracked and stored independently of existing standard game jobs under way. The Contracts system will let you choose where you want to start your journey in this alternate game experience.

We have received numerous questions on why are we even venturing into this direction when there are so many other game features to implement that we could and should pursue. Looking at Contracts in isolation, they are indeed not a game changer. But as the saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day.

Our long-term vision is to create a complex new meta-game on top of the existing game with online gameplay, rich economy, RPG elements, virtual trucking companies, and eventually multiplayer support. To get from point A to point B, we'll need to pass a lot of milestones, test out many things, and we would be happy to have you along for the ride.

The current implementation of Contracts is just the first of several steps that we are working on. During the beta period, depending on severity of any bugs discovered, we may touch the core of contracts generation mechanisms. Please be aware that all stats gathered during the beta period will be wiped before the final 1.22 update is made public.

But there are way more changes coming with Update 1.22. Another feature worth highlighting is extension of the simulation to cover European tyre grading system. Along with it comes a little cosmetic improvement that will allow the players to apply color to designated parts of the tyre. In fact this too is only a start of a more extensive push to have richer customization options for wheels, with more cool stuff being prepared for future game updates.

Let's review what we have in store for you...

Check out highlights what wen't into 1.22 Update:

  • World of Trucks Contracts feature - now you able take jobs from the World of Trucks website
  • Tire decals coloring
  • Simulated tire grades based on European tire grading system (rolling resistance, wet grip, noise levels)
  • Modified naming scheme of tires
  • The paint shop was integrated into the standard truck configuration
  • improved truck's chassis geometry and adjusted fifth wheel position for most of 6x2, 6x4 chassis's to decrease under steering under full throttle
  • multiple fixes of trucks models: Volvo FH16 2012, Volvo FH, Mercedes-Benz Actros, Mercedes-Benz New Actros, Iveco Hi-Way, Iveco Stralis, DAF XF Euro 6, DAF XF 105, MAN TGX, Renault Magnum, Renault Premium, Scania R [see extended log]
  • When clutch axis is not assigned for H-Shifter transmission, truck will handle clutch itself (much like sequential transmission).
  • When shifter layout is named (new attribute "name"), the name string is shown in game for better recognition.
  • Hired drivers are more efficient when equipped by good truck.
  • User defined limit for length of generated jobs in the offline economy (g_job_distance_limit)
  • User defined LOD distance for pedestrian, traffic and parked cars; multiplier of default distance (g_lod_factor_pedestrian, g_lod_factor_traffic, g_lod_factor_parked)
  • Config for disabling "Autoparking" dialogue (g_auto_parking_disabled)
  • Config for disabling Route Advisor popups when hidden (g_keep_adviser_hidden)
  • Fixing missing world on low-end GPUs on OSX
  • Improved physics and stability of trailers (disconnected, parked, AI)
  • multiple instances of holes, shadow, vegetation placements [see extended log]
  • improvements in signs fixes in multiple countries [see extended log]
  • many fixes for incorrectly positioned objects [see extended log]
  • various models and prefabs fixes and optimizations [see extended log]
  • User defined traffic density, defined by multiplier to default (g_traffic)
  • Improved simulation of suspension (leaning in curves or when accelerating/decelerating)
  • Improved navigation, lane switching, spawning and obstacle checking
  • New sounds for Volvo FH16 Classic
  • New sounds for Volvo FH
  • Higher resolution textures are used on models in UI screens regardless of the graphics settings
  • Redesigned job and time widget on desktop
  • Day/night effect switching for movers and walkers

For hardcore explorers among you, you are welcome to read our 1.22 Full Change Log

You can find the beta in the public_beta branch on Steam. (Steam client -> LIBRARY -> right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 -> Properties -> Betas tab -> public_beta - 1.22 public beta)

Please report any bugs you may find here.