Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Few more photos from Master Truck

Judging by the amount of comments for the previous blog post, pictures of real trucks may be of less interest for readers of this blog than pictures from our upcoming games. Strange! ;-)

Still, before we return to our usual news coverage, following the progress of our projects, we wanted to share with you a few more photos from our trip to Opole last weekend.

We have seen some really crazy stuff, it is hard to imagine how much effort, time and money some people are willing to put into a heavily customized rig. These trucks are products of true passion. Obviously, just as trucks are of interest for gamers, games are also of interest for truckers...

More pictures from Master Truck can be found in our new facebook gallery.


  1. Very nice, I see you had a great time there?
    Are there some pictures of SCS team, like a group picture in front of a truck..? :-)

  2. OMFG, very nice!!!!!!

  3. It's true that we prefer to see pictures of the game for the simple reason that we can see pictures like those posted anywhere on the net today.

    But it's very nice;) Very beautiful images!

    But I ask myself a question, because these days, there was not much news, so I wonder if you do not know what we show?

    Or if you have nothing to show us? ... I do not know.

    And thank you for all these beautiful pictures from Opole!

    PS:Excuse me for my bad English.


  4. I´m happy about all pictures from scs blog, images from Euro Truck Simulator 2 are the intresting photos for me..

    PS:I cant wait any longer, i´m spending a lot of time every day for the scs blog and eurotrucksimulator2.de -/pl

  5. Finally the Merry Christmas wish went to bed! :)
    Nice pics. I bet it was really exciting to see all those tricked up rigs for real. Maybe it will convince you that your fans need more freedom with customization, which brings me to an old idea, that has already been posted: make the cabs easily skinnable. Create a specially designated folder called "custom" to host pictures of the side and front paintings for each brand of truck. They will have mandatory size, format and aspect ratio. Then, on your official site, release the templates for those pictures, so people can place their art precisely on the cab, and stand by to be amazed by the talent of your fans and the enthusiasm this feature can arise. All you have to do next is to create a special section to give your fans a place to show their work and share their creativity.
    And... make a video with your current progress, even if it's not really big. It'd be nice to have some action! :D

  6. SCS, I'm sure that we all love real trucks which is why we play a truck sim. For me, like others maybe, we want to know the most we can about ETS2 hence the reason why we watch this blog. All the pics you have posted are great but I'm eager to learn what the gameplay will be and how much can we customise our trucks. Will we be able to form our own company and have that company name on our trucks/buildings. Basically what I'm saying is, I want to learn if ETS2 will be a much improved truck sim that we are all expecting or just a patch of ETS1.
    Expectations are high and we just want more info when you can release it.

  7. Well but I won't see those pictures I would see some of the ETS 2 thats interessting! These pictures doesn't decide of buying a game!

  8. SCS Very good!

    We will have some of these skins in the game? Or at least easier to create them?

    SCS Congratulations!


    Rafael Brusque Toporowicz
    São Mateus do Sul - Paraná - Brasil


  9. I want first in ETS 2 :D

  10. I have seen Volvo FH Pirates Of the Caribbean in Kraków. That's awesome truck. You can add some events like this Master-Truck to multiplayer mod if it come to being. I know, you(SCS) going to made some spectacular thing. Can you add some new fotos from game and wip?
    Greetings from Poland.

  11. Awesome truck but that truck that you doing are better!!

  12. all very beautiful and very hot

  13. We want real improovments for the game. Yes the pictures are... expensive but we of corse are anxious (impatient) for the game itself.

  14. When you post picktures can you post them in a album so that we can just press nexst. Insted of having to go back and press on one other pickture.

    Great picktures also on facebook

  15. Scs is the best Good luck

  16. will continue for a long time this shit???...are you serious???

  17. Scs, I have a question:
    When will we see something about the career system?
    Please share with us something.


  18. scs is the best, I´m intresting in new images about ets2 -> motorways and of course view on the NEW MAP with all the borders.

  19. I just hope that as well as spending all your time doing the trucks to look better that the gameplay will improve as well . How about news of some of what wee can expect to do in ETS2 as i tried T&T and lost interest within 2 days and traded it in at the store . Hope not only do we deliver all over europe but that we can also build up a European wide haulage company .

  20. Truck show pictures are nice yes BUT they do not represent anything in the game which is what we wabnt to know about . Shame you didnt spend the money from going to the show hiring another staff member to do even more for the game

  21. Finland perkele! 2 first pics =)

  22. Thanks for sharing the photos, always nice to see trucks, well, for me anyway, heh.

    The cost of this trip, which was a promotional one anyway, would not pay for a very long or fruitful employee, I suspect. Unless they work for almost free. (c;

    Of course, always looking for more info about the upcoming ETS2, but at least we do get something. Most companies only release a few screens until they release a trailer and then the game, so we are being spoiled here. Not telling you to stop spoiling us, SCS, merely telling people to have patience. (c:

  23. Those are some very nice trucks :) will u be able to do paint jobs like that in ets2 ?


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