Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cab Improvements

Adjustable steering wheels are not the only in-cabin feature we are going to include in the upcoming update coming for ETS2 and ATS. We are also going to deliver two new features:

1) Interior camera zoom:

When inside the cabin, you will be able to do a quick zoom-in just by clinking the button. It may be useful while maneuvering, reading far off road signs, or when you would like to see all the info on the dashboard in more detail. Of course you can bind this functionality to any other key or button in the game's options.

2) Changing the steering wheel:


Decoupling the steering wheel geometry from the rest of the cabin, which was needed for adjustable steering wheels, opened up the possibility to offer changeable steering wheels. Until now, steering wheels were a native part of interior model; the unfortunate consequence of this being that players could not replace a truck's standard wheel with alternate models. With the release of our upcoming update however, trucks which have more than one type of interior will also sport the option of choosing from two different steering wheels. Finally, some people using an external steering wheel feel that having two wheels in sight is a bit disingenuous: so we are going to add a new experimental console command that will allow you to hide the virtual steering wheel.

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