Thursday, August 25, 2016

ETS2 1.25 Open Beta

Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator use the same game engine, so they share the fruits of our labor when we add any new features to the source code. Their common ground allows us to, at least in part, test technical updates for both games during the beta stage of just one of the titles. In fact it has actually proven better to streamline our bug fixing process to start the open beta for ETS2 a few days before ATS or vice versa as it really cuts down on the number of duplicated bug reports.

The cool thing about this process is when we release the open beta for the second game, we can be reasonably certain that any issue that is reported is local to that game and doesn't need to be double-checked, or double-fixed, in the first.

And so, in accordance to the aforementioned practice, after a few days of fruitfully testing the 1.4 update for ATS we are pushing ETS2's 1.25 update to open beta status today.

The changelogs listing feature additions to ETS2 and ATS are not identical for this wave of updates; you can find the condensed Euro Truck Simulator 2 changelog below.

  • Completely revamped DAF XF -  This is not just 50keda's mod you can already find online - we've reworked it and improved the model in many areas, increased the detail of textures, and remodeled quite a few of the parts.

  • Custom steering wheel position - You'll be allowed to adjust the tilt of the steering wheel column or telescope it so you can create your perfect driving position.

  • Trailer selection -  When you pick up a new job the game will now give you a chance to change the trailer look (or the trailer itself) if it finds that there are alternate trailer styles or textures available for the given cargo.  Even better, it works with modded trailers as well.

Other Features and Improvements

Here's a log of the additional fixes and improvements that went into this update:

  • Cruise control is not disabled by the throttle anymore.
  • Interior camera zoom - You can bind the key for zoom in Options → Key and buttons → Camera controls → Zoom interior camera.
  • Option to set preferred job length generation in options.
  • Option to set split shifting input.
  • More unit display options (volume, consumption).



  • Separated map_data.sii from game_data.sii
  • Look_presets_defaults[] in interior camera
  • Change trailer looks to paint jobs.
Please also check out our modding wiki to get the best advice for modding either game.

If  you're so inclined you can find the open beta in the public_beta branch on Steam. (Steam client → LIBRARY → right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 → Properties → Betas tab → public_beta - 1.25  public beta).  No password is required.

Just like with the ATS release please keep in mind that this is still only a test version of the update: it's perfectly okay if you want to hold off until the final release.  But if you're the adventurous sort that doesn't mind a little instability and/or are an active member of the community who wants to assist us in the polishing stage, we really appreciate your help.  Please report any bugs you find on our forum.

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