Friday, September 16, 2016

Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack DLC

We are bringing you the very first officially licensed set of five trailers for Euro Truck Simulator 2. We've been in discussions with the Schwarzmüller Group to make this set since our trip to IAA 2014, so you can see it's taken us some time to finalize the licensing arrangement and to produce the content for the game. The resulting 3D trailer models are highly detailed and have been designed in accordance with technical references.  All told we are excited to say that we're raising the bar on quality again!

Here's the Steam Store link to Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack DLC. The trailers in this set include the Food Cistern, Curtain Sider, Low Bed, Refrigerated Trailer, and Logging Trailer. The Schwarzmüller Group develops, builds, and services commercial vehicles that are ideal for highly competitive and demanding businesses.

As this is the first official content of this type, to celebrate the occasion we have agreed to make another PR stunt and give away 30 thousand activation keys for the new DLC to veteran players of Euro Truck Simulator 2. This could be another case study for future licensing talks and help us prove to brand owners that it's cool the be a part of our games' universe.

ETS2 Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack giveaway

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